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Hunch: Enhancing branding, UX, and product design

  • Branding

  • Custom Website

  • Front End Development

  • Product Design

  • Hunch

    Hunch empowers global e-commerce companies to dominate social commerce with performance driven creatives.

  • Industry

    Marketing & Advertising

  • Company Size

    10 - 50 Employees

  • Headquarters

    Belgrade, Serbia

Hunch Ads and Made Tight collaborated in the rebranding, UX, and product design of Hunch, leading to a 1.3 million seed funding.

Hunch Ads is a startup on a mission to help companies grow and scale with ease, by providing end-to-end automation of marketing campaigns. A great product, combined with financial backing is a sure way to succeed, but the Hunch team felt they needed to improve their brand identity, website, and product design. This is when our collab began, with Hunch Ads eventually securing 1.3 million seed funding. Hunch Ads is backed by South Central Ventures; a venture fund dedicated to helping early-stage tech companies in the Balkans. Sinisa Rakovic, the founder and CEO of Hunch Ads, approached us while the product was still in its early stages. Hunch already had a few early adopters, so the team knew they were on the right track and so wished to take their product further. However, they felt there was a mismatch between the overall design at the time and the rest of their feature set, already praised by the early adopters. So, we stepped in to help shape the very core of the brand’s design, work on revamping the product design, and also develop and redesign the website.


How we approached the project

To strike the perfect balance between the underlying product and its visual appeal, we split the project into three tracks:

  • Branding
  • Website development & design
  • Product design


We entrusted branding to Slavisa Dujkovic, a top-of-class logo & brand identity designer, who we’ve been working with on numerous complex branding projects. 

Slavisa created a logo that combined the letter H and a fletching—the feathers of an arrow that give it stability during its flight. The idea behind the logo was to show that Hunch Ads has a single aim—to accurately target ads and marketing campaigns—so that their customers make the most of every single ad displayed.


Product Design

When working on product design, we went agile—to get a sense of whether what we’re doing was on brand, we started by developing a couple of screens first. We always start with the most complex screens so that later on we can extract and reuse all the simpler components.

Hunch Ads’ product itself is amazing, so our main focus was the UX. We wanted to reshape UX so that the Hunch Ads platform is used as a SaaS rather than a B2B software. The reasoning behind this was to avoid creating a product that requires the customer to go through a seemingly endless onboarding.

A challenge-turned-highlight in this track was the visual ads builder within the Hunch Ads platform (think Canva-like tool to build ads). We take great pride in the end result—the design meant envisioning and delivering a tool that’s super easy to use; and after the design, the other team took over the actual coding of the feature - which can be a challenge in its own way.


Website development & design

Finally, we embarked on developing and designing the website, which was again fun to work on, as we were redesigning and building on a pre-existing foundation that was in itself good — we wanted to deliver higher standard features and overall a better solution.


Growing ever stronger through revamped design 

Even though Hunch Ads had customers before they approached us, they felt they needed a stronger branding. They were still at the very start, and we were glad to have been working with them from the very beginning. 

Hunch Ads continued their journey as a startup with a great product, ensuring a 1.3 million seed round. We are very proud to have been a part of Hunch Ads almost since its conception.

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