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IPification: Building the backbone of mobile authentication for a passwordless future

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    By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, IPification patented technology is enabling secure, passwordless, zero-click compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application.

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    Information Technology & Services

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    10 - 50 Employees

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    Hong Kong, HK

Building the backbone of mobile authentication for a passwordless future

Working with IPification meant showing a complex idea in a simple and easy-to-understand way. IPification didn’t want to rely on just the copy but wanted to present the product through clear design. Stefan Kostic, CEO at IPification, a Hong Kong-based company, approached us well before IPification had a name. At the time, it was a team with an idea—and a strong will to invest in the technology behind the idea. No product team, but a powerful vision; so, we said—yes. Once the team settled on the name, we started shaping the brand.


What is IPification all about?

Users today demand speed and agility. And IPification delivers the most efficient authentication, without compromising security—in a consistent manner.

IPification is a network-based authentication solution for frictionless user experience on mobile and IoT devices. Their technology aims to enable secure, passwordless, zero-click compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval, and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application. 

IPification works with service providers—banks, fintech companies, video & streaming providers, gaming companies, OTT service providers, and app developers, as well as mobile operators. The end goal is to provide a better experience to not only iPification’s customers but also Ipification’s customers’ customers.


Building the website around IPification’s biggest challenge

Automatization platforms and solutions are still relatively hard to explain to a wide audience. And when you build an automated platform that tackles serious topics, such as data privacy and security, you realize how important it is to offer a crystal clear explanation of what’s behind the scenes.

The biggest challenge was to explain to companies that IPification was negotiating having in mind the value for the client and the end user.  To break the complex processes down, but still keep their sophistication part of the story, we decided to go for product videos.

We joined forces with Motionhouse, a design studio from the Czech Republic. Their focus is on motion design, illustration, film, and technology; we were in charge of communication and visual standards. Combined with their experience in creating video animations, we were sure we had exactly what IPification needed to get the message through.


The results: a design with a clear message

We wanted to achieve two things here — send a clear message to potential customers - and maintain the look and feel featured in the product video.

As a company that offers a frictionless experience to their customers, we knew the UX of iPification’s website needs to reflect that as well. Combined with bold fonts and animated features, we managed to capture the essence of what IPification does.


“After seeing how phenomenal the product videos looked, we knew we had to do something very similar for the website as well. “


Stefan Kostic

IPification CEO
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