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TradeCore – Let the colors tell your story — logo, website & product design

  • Branding

  • Custom Website

  • Front End Development

  • Product Design

  • TradeCore

    Full-stack FinTech solutions to reduce complexity, save time and make innovation easy

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    51 - 200 Employees

  • Headquarters

    Belgrade, Serbia

TradeCore offers full-stack FinTech solutions that enable fintech companies to become part of the financial world by providing the necessary technology and regulation

With their platform-as-a-service, customers have greater bandwidth to focus on innovating, acquiring, and monetizing customers. Beginning - With a little help from my friends TradeCore platform is a full-stack solution for building FinTech products. Through its API, the TradeCore platform provides access to services such as KYC & AML, issuing payment invoices and cards, digital banking, crypto and more. TradeCore’s platform was launched in 2019, but then, as the pandemic hit in 2020, it forced many companies and customers to rely more heavily on digital services. TradeCore has, thus, provided a solution that helps many; and as a way to mark their growth and evolution, we collaboratively worked on amping up their brand.


What we did

On this project, we focused on three areas:

  • Branding
  • Website development & design
  • Product design


The logo was already in the shape of an octahedron; we did a filled version of the logo, making it more emphasized and ‘stronger’ visually, both digitally and offline. We used a new typeface, with the idea to give it more weight, make it more serious, and an enterprise type of logo that will replace the one that had a startup feel. 


Product Design

One of the main tasks we wanted to achieve with the product design of the TradeCore Platform is to make it as clear as possible to the visitor; since the core of what their offering is to make something complex simple, the (visual) explanation of the product had to follow the same example.

The decision we collectively made was to have two accent colors; blue - representing innovation, trustworthiness, and reliability, and red - for passion and energy.


Website development & design

The new website was to follow the product look and feel. It was all about balancing the two identities of TradeCore: the experienced and stable corporate side and the innovative, playful startup side. We decided to go with illustrations that are outlined in 2D - isometric, with details. Using the same colors as for the platform; blue and red.



We’ve known the TradeCore team for a number of years and worked together on different occasions. This made it easier to collaborate more closely on revamping the brand's visual identity but keeping its essence. It was a way to paint the transition from heavily offline during the pre-pandemic times to quite more digital in the wake of the pandemic while depicting the brand as it is — reliable and robust in crucial digital services. 

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