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Trafft – Online scheduling software your customers will love.

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Trafft is a tool that helps businesses schedule appointments, meetings, events, manage staff and services. While Trafft was officially launched in November of 2020, the idea behind it - helping entrepreneurs and companies with the booking part of their business - was in the making for years.

Beginning - With a little help from friends TMS is a software development hub with multiple projects of its own and it also provides software development services for SaaS enterprises across the globe. The team at TMS is our oldest client, and we’ve invested many hours, thoughts, and creativity into our collaboration. After so many years, we see their products and our projects as truly collaborative work. Whenever they have something new in store, we are there to be their number one supporters. So working on Trafft, their new brainchild, came as a natural step in our collaboration.

First there was Amelia, then came Trafft

The idea behind Trafft was born out of TMS’s positive reception of Amelia.

Amelia is a WordPress plug-in, a 24/7 automated booking specialist, allowing customers to book appointments or events and pay online at all times.

As many people were downloading and adding TMS’s WordPress plug-in, they decided to venture further and create a SaaS product with a plethora of features. 


While we didn’t need to work on the branding strategy (this was done internally by TMS), we delivered the identity kit materials and the logo. 

We’ve included typography, colors, packaging, and messaging that complements, instructs rules on how to maintain brand consistency, and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand - or, in this case, complements the brand strategy that TMS worked on. 

The logo is minimal, modern with blue variations—matching the color of the website. Blue is a color of calm, trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability; all of which are the characteristics we want users to associate with Trafft.


Product Design

Trafft functions as an appointment scheduling software tailored to different niches, including: 

  • Salons
  • Healthcare
  • Sports & Training
  • Education & Consulting
  • Administration & Officials
  • Events & Entertainment
  • Professional services
  • Personal services

With industry-related variants of the app, Trafft adjusted templates, labels, and combinations to appeal to specific industries and subcategories within each. The look and feel of the app make the onboarding experience as easy as possible and tailor the product to the customer. So, we wanted to transfer that same sense of intuitive browsing to Trafft’s website.

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Website development & design

As with the product design, we wanted to keep the website messaging concise and clear.

Apart from the website being user-friendly and fast, we decided to go with a minimal and clean design, simply flat icons, and a dynamic feel. We achieved this by changing the features as you scroll with an explanation and a CTA. 


The result: a product we’re proud of

With Trafft, as with other projects, we dived deep in to deliver a tool that is lightweight on the user, but powerful to get the job done with precision and robustness. Part of gratification came from working on a project by a long-term partner, which required us to step up even more and take part of ownership.

“Trafft is a project we dedicated a lot of time and thought to, so it was very important for us to feel that Made Tight was following our journey on it as closely as us. They treated our product as their own, and we could feel that they loved every moment they spent working on it – dedicating themselves to it completely. “


Alexander Gilmanov

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