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2017 - iOS / Android / Website



Intelisale is an iOS/Android and web platform for bringing all company sales activities into one place. By using any web browser, a tablet or a phone, sales and logistics teams can engage in intelligent order taking, route planning, CRM and smart product catalogue activities from anywhere, any time. The platform helps companies globally sell more, faster and better by targeting specific vendors/customers, optimizing the daily visitation routes, and using a comprehensive showcase of the company product catalogue available anytime, anywhere. The bottom line is simple - Intelisale is a straightforward, easy-to-use platform for increasing overall sales and logistics team productivity, while diminishing the abundance of procedures and the time spent on calculations. With Intelisale, the focus is on productivity.

The Challenge

With Intelisale, the task was hefty - we were to create a robust solution across a number of channels: the web platform, apps for both iOS and Android, as well as the company website. From day one it had been clear that this would be a lengthy, multi-faceted task - and for nearly six months, it was. Since Intelisale offers a multitude of list-heavy features and all-encompassing metrics, we knew our job was to make everything as simple to observe and interact with as possible. With long catalogues and plethora product visuals, comprehensive metrics and wordy notes, the Intelisale project was a very large bite, and a true test of stamina for our design team

The Process

We started off with the website, as it was a somewhat less complex part of the project. The idea behind the layout was straightforward enough - simplicity and conciseness were key, so we opted for a white background with varied shades of blue for illustrations and the logo; each page was designed to be scrollable beginning to end, with a large, easily readable font and as few sentences as possible. Intelisale is a multifaceted, complex platform/app, and we needed to make sure that the website visitors would get the whole picture without spending > 5 minutes or the website, or being redirected to download brochures or white papers. With the numerous Intelisale platform and app functionalities in mind, we created a comprehensive “Pricing” page with table offering the overview of all client benefits regarding different packages. To enhance the simplicity of skimming, on other pages we implemented the alignment of text with complementing pictures in large rectangles, with wide spacing.

Once we had the visual identity in place, the mobile platform was somewhat easier to design. There was no way of working around the abundance of data, but with the mobile version, we enabled pop-up screens wherever possible, so that the users could keep track of the exact action they were undertaking within a screen. The color patterns were in line with what we have made for the web platform, with larger icons purposefully implemented so as to facilitate the user’s interaction with their phone. The Intelisale mobile platform is perhaps the company’s most relevant user software, with the purpose of enabling and empowering the employees in the field to optimize their sales activities and visits to the customers. As with the rest of the project, ease of use was key here, and user feedback suggested we had done a good job with presenting relevant information within the platform orderly.


Vertically integrating one’s creativity into a project is never easy, let alone simple. Intelisale presented us with a great honor, that of designing their complete visual portfolio, and while we had spent many a night scratching our heads, pondering how we could optimize functionality without compromising the customization and visual appeal of the multimedia, in the end this proved to be an invaluable lesson in product branding and workflow optimization through design. We are thankful for the opportunity to be an integral part of Intelisale’s marketing and logistics processes, and cherish the responsibilities such opportunities bear, too.

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client testimonial
We needed lean and effective design, which would improve our customers’ experience. I am happy to say that Made Tight’s expertise has made our platform simple to use and performant, much to the satisfaction of users.
Maja Perovic
Intelisale COO