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2015 - iPhone Application



Founded by two entrepreneurial moms, Kidster is a global, mobile-only application for the countless folk whose children have outgrown their clothes in nanoseconds. With Kidster, parents can sell their kids’ outgrown clothes conveniently, simply by taking a picture of the item and uploading it with an asking price. Further perks of the app are the direct messages through which one parent can communicate with other parents and meet with them. The application is available worldwide, and is intended for the parents of youngsters aged 0-10.

The Challenge

Kidster asked of us to create the full brand identity, including but not limited to, logo, color palette, and complete creative direction of the app. The design was to emulate the startup’s idea of simplicity; the users were supposed to be able to upload their kids’ clothes in a minute and search for the clothes their children need seamlessly. Given the abundance of clothes people would be scrolling through when using the app, our idea was to channel the effectiveness of the simplest and most popular picture application in history - Instagram.

The Process

Our idea was to maximize user experience by delivering an infinite scroll of kids’ stuff upon opening the application. This way we would enable the users to browse and search for the stuff they need instantly, without going through a multitude of screens first. The tags sellers could attach to the clothes (size, condition, type of item) would further make it easier for buyers to find exactly the clothes they need. All sellers were also to state whether they provide international shipping and at what cost.

Furthermore, all Kidster items could be shared or saved via four major social networks - every segment of the application was supposed to make the experience seamless for the users. Another important facet of the process included the incorporation of images as large and clear as possible into the layout. Research has consistently shown that a large percentage of app users prefer buying and selling via computers as opposed to mobile phones - feedback suggests the main reason for this is the size and detail of images shown on larger screens. Therefore, making the children’s clothes images clear enough for all users, was a paramount task for us.

Good design is as little design as possible

Dieter Rams


The Kidster project proved to be a fruitful learning experience. We showed ourselves that it takes but a little imagination to make an extraordinarily simple app visually impressive as well. The color palette based on a gentle, “watered-down” shade of carmine, proved to be vivacious and playful enough to appeal to parents of all sexes and genders. The layout also received positive feedback, mostly due to the easiness of use and pictures of items which are large enough not to deter a user who would otherwise prefer online shopping with a computer (larger and clearer images being the reason).

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client testimonial
Made Tight has one of the best design teams around. Their work empowered our business and overall customer experience.
Ana Pajkovic & Marija Janjusevic
Founders of Kidster