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2016 - Web Design

Mihano Momosa


Mihano Momosa is a high end fashion brand, offering stunning prêt-à-porter designs, bridalwear and kidswear. The brand identity is centered around a modern fairytale, in which all women are ladies and princesses, deserving of tenderness and love, manifested through collections of romantic garments, handmade using only the finest materials. At once inconspicuously cozy and staggeringly elegant, Mihano Momosa designs are envisioned as everything a lady needs to feel both comfortable and alluring, unimposing yet commanding attention.

Every Mihano Momosa collection takes at least six months of dedicated work, coupled with a continuous analysis of women’s minds and needs. It is the designers’ imperative to view the woman as an strong and independent character, who sits firmly atop her own reality, one filled with authenticity, kindness, and dazzling strength.

The Challenge

Our task was to create a brand new website for the client. Mihano Momosa is a global luxury brand and we knew at once our mission was to channel the brand fully and deliver layouts and visuals in line with the grace and misleading simplicity of its collections.

Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.

Oscar de la Renta

The Process

Given Mihano Momosa’s haute status and aspirations, there was little room for improvisation. Our idea was to drape the website in the marvelous visuals of brand’s couture, with unassuming white and grey fonts and a combination of pastel colors featured in nearly all of Mihano Momosa clothing. Almost all of website’s elements “bleed” into one another, without edges and clear separations between buttons, tabs, and other items. This design layout, intended to make the website a coherent whole, most truthfully reflected on the brand’s paramount conception - seamlessness.

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client testimonial
“As a fashion brand, Mihano Momosa pays incredible attention to detail and the experience our customers get from us. Made Tight recognized our need for visually striking imagery and helped bring our fairy tale to life.”
Mihailo Anušić