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We have the expertise to help you define and develop new strategies, tackle problems from a unique perspective or innovate around an existing idea.

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    Product Design & Development

    The world is full of problems. And you want to solve some with your product. We’ll enrich your idea with functional design and aesthetic code whether it’s an MVP or a major iteration. Turn your business goals into successful digital products (mobile or web apps) that people love to use.

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    Custom Websites

    Every visitor is an opportunity. Capture it with tailor-made websites. Lighting-fast loading time and custom structured information make the visitor happier and more likely to convert. Raise brand awareness, generate leads, or grow your user base.

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  • mt-branding

    Branding & Identity Kit

    You’ve got your message and you want it to be eye-catching. We combine psychology and established patterns of behavior through color, shapes, and fonts to give your brand the salience it deserves.

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    • We embed into your organization as your design or full product team helping you put your ideas and customer’s feedback into something tangible like a prototype, so we can test and validate your product with your users. We provide Designers, Developers, Product and Project Managers, but the team size you choose depends on your preferences. It can be anywhere from “Hey I need your designer for 6 months” to “We want Made Tight team carry whole development process of our new SAAS”

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    • Happy Client

      “Trafft is a project we dedicated a lot of time and thought to, so it was very important for us to feel that Made Tight was following our journey on it as closely as us. They treated our product as their own, and we could feel that they loved every moment they spent working on it – dedicating themselves to it completely. “


      Alexander Gilmanov

      TMS CEO
    • Your website is a digital ambassador of your brand. Whether your website needs to grow brand awareness, convert visitors into leads, or grow your user base - Our approach is tailored to your needs. This is an exciting journey in which we look into all aspects of your business and create custom tailored solutions that will make your business stand out. Websites we create are both functional and beautiful which provides a clearer picture of your brand and convinces them to take the right actions.

    • Recent Custom Websites

    • Happy Client

      "During this rebranding project we have come to the core of our organisation and a correct translation has been made to our full brand experience on the website and other marketing material. We have experienced this as a clear and professional process, where the team thought along with us and have taken all our wishes into account. In addition the team has been always available and switches quickly if problems arise."


      Wilma Schild

      Global People CEO

Here’s what we can deliver

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    Mobile First Responsive Websites

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    UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile Apps

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    Digital First Branding

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    Design Systems