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We are a design & development studio dedicated to creating digital products that make a difference

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Who We Are

Every person gets to choose what defines them. How will they make the world a better place? Our choice is to give life to ideas worth spreading through beautiful visuals and functional code. To be the best there is only one way. To take every project as a challenge with undivided attention and maximum effort. Churning out projects makes money, but it’s paid in creativity. Money doesn’t drive us, but we believe in wealth. Wealth earned by creativity. Because it’s the greatest gift we have in this world and there is no price worth giving it away. To keep the creative juices flowing we have to give our best on every project, small or large. We believe that’s our path to progress and wealth.

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Made Tight is a small and dynamic team working tirelessly to create digital products our partners will be proud of and people will love to use. We successfully blend our creative approach and user needs, to deliver visually striking solutions that are feature-rich and functional.

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Our Team

  • Jelena Babic

    Project manager

  • Vladimir Babic

    Product Designer

  • Ivana Nesin

    Product Designer

  • Katarina Urban

    Product Designer

  • Denis Kutri

    Head of Development

  • Milos Rancic

    Vue.js and Web Developer

  • Borivoje Putnik

    Web Developer

  • Stefan Sosic

    Graphic Designer

Our Nord Star

Whatever we do, we are always guided by our values

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    Own the work

    Our work is how we make the world a better place and we are responsible for our identity.

  • mt-be-creative

    Be creative

    Creativity is the most powerful gift we have. Use it fully.

  • mt-innovate-with-courage

    Innovate with courage

    Take different approaches. Make mistakes. Learn from them.

  • mt-keep-it-simple

    Keep it simple

    Think hard but make it simple.

  • mt-think-forward

    Think Forward

    Long-term beats short-term. Easy choices, hard life.

  • mt-team-over-profit

    Team over profit

    Profit gets you a nice car. The team gets you a yacht.

  • mt-focus-on-results

    Focuse on results

    It’s easy to get distracted by vanity. Hard choices, easy life.

  • mt-value-beauty

    Value Beauty

    Function over form can’t be an excuse for lousy aesthetics. Beauty is worth it.


We’re proud of every product we deliver and cherish all the public recognitions we receive for them.

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  • Product Design & Development

  • The world is full of problems. And you want to solve some with your product. We’ll enrich your idea with functional and design and clean code whether it’s an MVP or a major iteration. Turn your business goals into successful digital products (mobile or web apps) that people love to use.

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  • Every visitor is an opportunity. Capture it with tailor-made websites. Lighting-fast loading time and custom structured information make the visitor happier and more likely to convert. Raise brand awareness, generate leads, or grow your user base.

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  • You’ve got your message and you want it to be eye-catching. We combine psychology and established patterns of behavior through color, shapes, and fonts to give your brand the salience it deserves.

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